PERMASALAHAN MANAJEMEN USAHA MIKRO: Studi Kasus Pada Pabrik Kerupuk UD. Manunggal Karsa

Siti Maryama

STIE Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta


The purpose of the study are to (1) review the main problems faced by the factory of Kepuruk Manunggal Karsa (MK), and (2) assessing the entrepreneur attempts to be able to solve the problems faced. The research was carried out using qualitative descriptive design. The results showed that (1) the lack of supply of raw materials as a result of lack of capital. Sequel is due, the difficulty of the plant to meet consumer demand (excess demand). (2), the system of capital used is circulating capital (capital turnover). Earned income used up to finance the operation of the plant. (3) Innovation has been done in the form of deal with bad weather (rain) as an effort of crackers drying process is by using the oven. (4) There has been no cooperation with financial institutions. (5) There is no organizational structure as a modern factory for traditionally managed by family management. (6) Marketing using modes of transportation carts and motor vehicles.

Kata Kunci: usaha mikro, pabrik kerupuk, manajemen usaha

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Pengaruh Kualitas Pelayanan Terhadap Kepuasan Nasabah Tabungan BRITAMA Pada Bank BRI Cabang Fatmawati

Viva Faronika & Asriyal


If  the customer is greater than acceptable level of service, the cutomer is not satisfied. Conversely, if an acceptable level of service greater than the expectations of customers, the customer will be satisfied. This means that if Bank BRI branch Fatmawati can improve service quality to its customer it will affect the level of satisfaction. In this research found evidence that, in terms of the creation of quality services, Bank BRI branch Fatmawati is one of the branches that participate to implement the established policies and service in accordance with the exiting service standard in the banking world. Amount of influence the determination of quality of service policies applied by the Bank BRI branch Fatmawati indicated by r2. r2 value only 45 % and the rest 55 % influenced by other variables not studied. Meanwhile, the variable relationship of service quality to customer satisfaction can be seen from the values r = 0,67. This shows the value of the correlation coefficient between the variables of service quality to customer satisfaction. This means there are strong relationships between the independent variable X (quality of service) to the dependent variable Y (customer satisfaction). Since r = 0,67 (67 %) greater then 50 %.


Kata Kunci : kualitas pelayanan, nasabah, tabungan, Bank BRI

Analisis Strategi Wirausawan Muda Bidang Multimedia di Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan

 Ali Chaerudin

STIE Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta


This study aimed to find out marketing strategies undertaken by one of the young entrepreneurs in Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan. Gazza Net which is located in the Sasak Tinggi, Ciputat Subdistrict Kota Tangerang Selatan served as the study sample. Based on the results of the research object in the field, some findings that the pricing strategy of using the method of pricing based on competition based pricing. This is done with a view to offset the price of competitors. When setting a higher price than competitors, then the customer concerned will leave the business, whereas if the price is set less expensive, then worried his business will be bankrupt or insolvent. This is the marketing strategies undertaken by Gazza Net as a young entrepreneur in Ciputat.

Kata Kunci: usaha mikro, manajemen usaha, strategi pemasaran

Dampak Dana Alokasi Umum (DAU) Terhadap Kemiskinan di Kota Tangerang

Imal Istimal

Dosen STIE Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta

The objectives of the study are to: (1) analyze the correlation between DAU and poverty and (2) the effect of DAU to poverty in Kota Tangerang. The values examined in this study used regression and correlation method. The result of the study show that (1) DAU and poverty has negative correlation, is -0,248 which stated that between DAU and poverty has low correlation in di Kota Tangerang. (2) Estimation result by regression showed that the coefficient of DAU is negative to poverty by -3.9 percent. This value stated that every changes one unit of DAU (in rupiah) would reduce poverty by 3,9 percent.


Kata Kunci: desentralisasi, DAU, kemiskinan, Kota Tangerang


Eko Hadi Siswanto

Dosen STIE Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta


The purpose of this research is to study it there is positive influence of education level and perception of Personal Tax Payer toward The Submission of Annual Income Tax Report.  The research method used is causal, with the unit of analysis Personal Tax Payer. Sampling method used stratified random sampling. The level education, perception of Personal Tax Payer and The Submission of Annual Income Tax Report by using the instruments measured questionnaire with likert scale. Source analysis performed by descriptive analysis and linear regression. The result  shows that’s positive influence of level education and perceptions of Personal Tax Payer together and partial toward The Submission Annual Income Tax Report with determination coefficient is 34,99%.


Kata kunci: tingkat pendidikan, persepsi, kepatuhan, pajak


Udin Saefudin

Dosen STIE Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta


The research aims to know finacial ratio District Government of Tangerang Selatan from the budget realization report,  there are two financial ratios as analysis. Revenue analisys could count growth revenue and tax. To count finacial ratio (district self ratio, decentralization grade, efectifity ratio to revenue, efeciency ratio to PAD. And expenditure analysis to know value for money (enpenditure growth analysis, Operational expense to total expense, capital expenditure to total expenditure, and expenditure realization to total expendditure).

 Kata Kunci: Rasio Keuangan Daerah, Kemandirian, efektivitas, efesiensi keuangan daerah