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STIE Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta

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The purpose of this study are to (1) to determine the number of allocation of those materials which is required for the maximum profit; and (2) to determine how many Rope and Rubber Sandals that must be sold to achieve the maximum profit by the industry. In order to determine the combination of inputs and maximum profits can be used linear programming with graphical and simplex method. The valuation result shows. The industry will take maximum profit from the Rope Sandals Rp. 26.436.000 if the company produces as much as 2203 pairs of sandals per month.

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Kajian Bauran Promosi Di Perguruan Tinggi “X”

Alida Wahyuni

Nampala Nusantara Foundation


Marketing of higher education falls into the category of services marketing. For “X” School, to attract potential students requires special methods and strategy. The objectives of the study are to: 1) Review and analyze of promotion mix in its effort to promote the institution; 2) review and analyze the most effective promotional mix in its effort to promote the institution. The results showed that: 1) the School has implemented a promotional mix. There are 6 ways to do that: advertising, sales promotion, publicity and public relations, personal selling, word of mouth, direct mail and e-marketing. The six ways are carried out simultaneously; 2) The most effective promotional mix is personal selling. For three years (2007, 2010, and 2011) proved it the most effective method. For 2008, the most effective promotional mix is word of mouth, dan for 2009, the most effective promotional mix is sales promotion.  The most effective promotional mix in “Very Strong” category is personal selling could affect 956 students.

 Kata Kunci: pendidikan tinggi, bauran pemasaran, bauran promosi

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Efektifitas Pembelajaran Ekonomi Islam Di STIE Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta

 Yayat Sujatna

Dosen STIE Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta


The development of Islamic financial institutions, especially Islamic banking is fast enough not matched by a competent human resources. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the learning of Islamic economics in STIE Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta, which in turn can meet the needs of human resources. Methods used in this study was descriptive qualitative. The results showed that the learning of Islamic economics is good and effective.

Kata Kunci: efektifitas pembelajaran, ekonomi Islam

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Pengaturan Waralaba Di Indonesia: Perspektif Hukum Bisnis

M. Muchtar Rivai

STIE Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta


The law arrangement of franchise law was first explicitly regulated by the Government Regulation No. 16 of 1997 which is then updated by Government Regulation No. 42 of 2007 to be created in an agreement that at least contains clauses as stipulated by Article 5 of the Government Regulation. However, franchise arrangements also associated with a variety of other laws and regulations applicable in Indonesia. This article is going to state that the importance of partnerships with small and medium enterprises as an effort to encourage the involvement of the wider economic community.

Kata Kunci: bisnis, waralaba

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Strategi Pengembangan Pariwisata Di Indonesia


Dosen Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Pancasila


Tourism has provided considerable foreign exchange in many countries. Tourists visit will stimulate social interaction with people around the major tourist attractions in adapting well in the field of economy, society and culture. The positive impact of tourism activities in the field of economics, namely the State foreign exchange income. Tourism development has three functions: to promote economic, preserve national identity and the preservation of function and quality of the environment, and fostering a sense of patriotism and the nation. Because it needs to be developed as well as increased marketing and promotion of tourism education and training. Very significant contribution of tourism for job creation. Tourism needs to develop new tour packages such as agro-tourism or ecotourism. Society needs to be given the opportunity to market local products and help them to the skills and the provision of capital for businesses that bring in profits.

Kata Kunci: pariwisata, manajemen strategi

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Manajemen Ekonomi Outopilot: Kegagalan Negara Mencari Identitas?

Mukhaer Pakkanna

Ketua  STIE Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta


Political democracy should be equivalent to the economic development of the quality of democracy, economic democracy if not upright, even the owner of the ruling power and money, which is parallel to force global corporatocracy. Consequently, the economic oligarchy preservation reinforces control of production and distribution from upstream to downstream and power monopoly of the market. The implication, increasingly sharp economic disparities, exclusive owner of the money and power become fertile, and the end could jeopardize the harmony of the national economy. The loss of national economic identity that makes people feel lost the “pilot of the state”. What happens then is the autopilot state. Viewing unclear direction of the economy, the national economy should clarify the true figure.

Kata kunci: negara, manajemen ekonomi, kegagalan

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